Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Recipe: Spinach and Cheese Börek

The pictures for this recipe have been sleeping on my computer for a while, but one dear friend asked me about it recently so here they are:

Börek with spinach and cheese filling

(I use here ready made Wantan dough, because it is less sticky and fragile than the Turkish yufka (fillo) dough).


1 pck of wantan dough leaves
500 g spinach (steamed if fresh, or thawed)
300 g of feta (or similar) cheese
1 bunch of spring onions
garlic according to your taste
oil for frying
lemon slices

 Prepare the filling mixing all the ingredients.
Put a small (!) amount of filling on the leave (otherwise you will not be able to roll it properly). Fold sides vertically.

Roll up completely and press the part with the filling slightly in order to have a compact roll.

Deep fry in oil or coat it with vegetal oit and bake it in the oven until they have a golden colour.
Serve hot with lemon slices for an entrée or as finger food!

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