Montag, 7. Februar 2011

My New Hobby: Freeform Crochet

I can't remember exactly where I saw the first picture of freeform crochet, but I was immediately obsessed. Irregular design, colourful yarns and patterns that look like taken from nature - I had to try this! Not knowing anything at all about the history and the background of this art, which is almost unknown here in Germany I bought a book with instructions from Renate Kirkpatrick, and it turned out to be just perfect, because it explains really everything from the first stitch and a couple of other techniques like felting. So, if you are still looking for something to get literally hooked on go and get "Freeform Crochet and beyond".
My first hat may not be perfect, but it helped me to learn all the different sttches and techniques. My second work, a hood scarf, was a lot of fun. Every day I was looking forward to some free minutes to make another one of the small pieces in autumn coloursa and in shapes that reminded me a forest with fallen leaves, mushrooms, snails, moss and bark.
Then I sew together all the pieces using a simple paper pattern. I like the raw edges but in the front and right along the seam that surround the face I crocheted a few lines with a fringed yarn for more stability and a consistent look. Eh, voilà! This will not be the last piece for sure!


  1. Wow, truly brilliant stuff! I have great respect for people who do things with their hands. And this is an inspired piece, so evident in the way the colours and forms come together so eclectically. You are really very good at this.

  2. Thank you, my dear! You made my day!

  3. Isabella, your freeform work is amazing! I also love this crochet technique and recently completed my first freeform crochet project, a 36" diameter freeform crochet rug: I have also started a freeform crochet pinterest group where everyone can share their freeform crochet findings. I hope you can visit the group...I pinned your freeform work in this group! :) Tia Mia

    1. Hi Tia Mia, thank you so much for your comment and the add to the group! I have visited your flickr account and i love your rug as well! I will visit it more often for sure!! Greetings!