Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Upcycled: Chandelier

Finally a finished project between a lot of unfinished ones, tons of work and days without kindergarten (too many bank holidays...).
Take: A chandelier from the curb (yes, there are people that throw them on the street!) with a couple of crystals missing (yes, there was a reason for throwing it). And a fistful of glass beads in white, green and blue. Deconstruct and reconstruct the chandelier.
And... tadaaa! a new chandelier!
Maybe it's not the best taste but the cost of the project were 2,50 € for new bulbs. And the living room has finally enough light after years of semidarkness due to a very dull IKEA lamp.
Altogether a successful project, I think.
Have a beautiful summer weekend!

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