Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

The Art of Recycling: Evelyn Roth

Since I discovered how many ways there are to recycle and upcycle any kind of fabric and a lot more stuff which is commonly regarded as trash I have started to collect a lot of things, mostly textiles and I enjoy turning them into pieces of Wearable Art or any kind of useful thing. I thought initially this was a quite recent phenomenon born out of a new awareness of the absurdity of consumerism, but of course there is nothing new under the sun if you look at the work of Evelyn Roth in the seventies. She has published a book on several recycling techniques for textiles and even more unusual materials like leather, fur and feathers.

More than fascinating I found the section on crocheting with discarded videotape.
Videotape is a very fascinating material, absolutely sturdy and it looks very elegant as it is shimmering and black. I have tons of old VHS cassettes, but the material seems to be highly toxic and so I will probably throw them away with a heavy heart.

Evelyn Roth's Work is very inspiring. She looks at clothing as a kind of scupture which was very forward thinking for that time.

Stunningly beautiful are the Wearable Edibles and other works of art. Look at them here.

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