Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Colour Magic and a Love Letter

Sometimes my friends give me clothes they don't like anymore, that makes me happy as I do not want to fill landscape with even more waste. This time the colours were not my choice but the size was perfect. After dying with two simplicol-packages, one in dark brown and one in violet, see how cute they became! An orange dress turned chocolate brown, a very flashy turquoise jacket is now the most lovely petrol. The blouses have all different shades of brown according to the colour they had before; plus there are a pair of saved kid's pants and a couple of doileys for tone-sur-tone embellishment. So many new garments for only 12 €!
Another thing made me happy this morning - a sweet love letter from my husband on our vintage kitchen board. I love you too, Amine!

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